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See how simple it is to collect customer data using iTapMedia

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  • Provide company details

    Sign up and supply company details to recieve access to domain

  • Have a domain configured for your business

    Survey Creation
    Customized Campaigns
    Customized lead capture portal

Collect lead data

  • Manual Inputs

    Use either NFC/QR codes or manual input to collect lead data

  • Use iPads, iPhones or Android Devices

    Also collect Lead data using iPads, iPhones, Android tablets or phones.

Access Data & Monitor

  • Download Your Data

    Download data gathered in a number of popular file formats (.pdf, .csv, .xls etc)

  • Generate Reports

    Generate Professional Reports to reflect data

  • Export Your Data

    Export Data to preferred platforms

Connect your customers via mobile today!!! Help us help you:

  • Connect

    Connect with interested prospects

  • Create Ads

    Create ads that prospects want to see

  • Call Prospects

    Call prospects that want to be called

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