iTap CRM Online

In Order to Maximise on the value that iTapMeddia presents to you and your customers, it is necessary to have a long-term partnership. Ass an iTapMedia partner, you will experience benefits such as:

Affiliate Program

Our Affiliate Program is one of the easiest opportunities for you to earn money with us. Our Affiliate Partners simply need to qualify prospects in need of a mobile onboarding tool then send the preospects to us. If this prospect purchases a subscription to the iTapMedia platform, you earn a referral fee!! It is free and requires not commitment

Agency & Reseller Partnerhips

Opt in on the opportunity to resell the iTapMedia platform under your own brand today!! Extensive training and support is offered with this partnership.

Integration & Marketing Partnerships

Integrate your software or services with iTapMedia and push your deals on the application using cross-promotional marketing campaigns

Enhance Your Value Proposition

- Generate Recurring Revenues
- Increased Competitive Edge
- Gain Access to Support & Training Resources