WHAT IS iTapMedia?

Solutech’s hybird lead capturing application, iTapMedia, is designed to capture crucial client data and connect consumers with different brands using mobile devices, whether smartphones, tablets or laptops!! This onboarding tool is an innovative, technology based solution for Android and iOS users that allows customers to check marketing messages and campaigns in real time and respond promptly if interested.

HOW CAN I USE iTapMedia?

iTapMedia can be used as a digital approach for collecting lead data. The application has the ability to generate and print reports on closed and pending leads, which will allow your company to keep up-to-date with customers and prospects. iTapMedia can also be used as an avenue for promoting products, services, programs and sales events.


iTapMedia is the ideal onboarding tool as it has a higher conversion success rate than cold contact and prevents a more innovative and convenient means of getting information to and from customers. This application is also more cost-effective per prospect than in-house and outsourced marketing initiatives. With this, your company will see measurable Returns on Investment on market spend.



Create the perfect landing page based on your campaigns

Easy to Use

Get started with any technical expertise whatsoever


Data is secure when in transit from mobile device to database


Use a single device or a thousand and manage your data in one place.

Available for Android and iOS users

Collect lead information with iPads, iPhones, Android Tablets or Phones

Live Reporting

View real-time reports and dashboards on campaign and sales performance

SMS Marketing

Send large volumes of SMS messages quickly to groups to inform them of ongoing promotions and deals

Mobile Lead Capture

Create engaging sign up forms and contact requests that will turn visitors into qualified leads

Mobile Proximity Marketing

Take advantage of cellular technology and send marketing messages to mobile-device users who are in a close range to your business or merchants.

NFC/QR Code Lead Capture

Generate and manage professional,high qulity QR codes and utilize NFC technology that point to lead capture form